The Digital Centership Conservatory identifies individuals who are able to bring both subject-matter expertise and emotional intelligence to digital spaces, and provides them with the tools, training and community support they need to elevate public discourse and digital culture.

Our pilot cohort is currently in progress. To stay update on future cohorts please sign up here.


The Digital Centership Conservatory is an online cohort-based professional development program designed to help thought-leaders use social media for real-world impact, and to facilitate important online conversations that are essential for a healthy society.

The program has been developed through collaboration with, and under the advisement of digital media professionals, academics and online advocates who believe in the power of digital media to shape public discourse in unique and valuable ways.

Our vision is a national network of professionals, educators and subject-matter experts who…

  • practice a set of core principles for productive digital engagement.
  • are committed to supporting one another.
  • are transforming digital culture with intelligent conversation, healthy conflict and rigorous truth-seeking.



The Principle of Shared Humanity

    The Principle of Shared Humanity: “We prioritize humanity in our digital communications and refuse to diminish our human interactions by making our online exchanges purely transactional.”   There’s a reason that the “Golden Rule” is a central tenet of every major faith tradition or spiritual path. It’s almost universally considered a higher form …